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By Candice Fisher

September 5 2023

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Pre Emergent Weed Killers for Buffalo Grass, TifTuf, Kikuyu and Sir Grange

Do you dream of a perennially weed-free healthy lawn? Turn the dream into a reality with pre-emergent products, which stop newly sprouted weeds and root systems before they even emerge.


What Are Pre Emergent Herbicide Products?

As the name suggests, pre-emergent works to kill weeds before they emerge. Victorian turf farmers commonly use pre-emergent products to assist in growing high-quality lawns. These products have been around for some time, but it is only more recently that they have started to be used in residential lawns.


Which Pre Emergent Product Should I Use?

The product we use and suggest is Oxafert, a pre-emergent herbicide fertiliser. When applied correctly, it will kill stubborn annual grass-type weeds such as winter grass and oxalis before they even appear. 

Not only that, but the fertiliser element will provide all the nutrients your lawn needs to stay green and healthy. Oxafert can be used on all our lawns, including Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu, and Tif Tuf Bermuda.


How Does Oxafert Pre-emergent Work?

Oxafert is a pre-emergent weed control that works beneath the soil level surface to form a natural barrier to the germination of both broad leaf weeds and annual grass-type winter weeds, preventing new seedlings from forming in established turf. Pre-emergent herbicide works to kill stubborn annual weeds, weed seeds, existing weeds and root growth. 


4 Easy Steps For Using Pre-Emergent Herbicides 

1. Preparation

Before applying a pre-emergent herbicide, preparing your lawn by removing any existing weeds or debris is important. Remove leaves, sticks, and other debris, and remove any visible weeds. This will ensure that the herbicide has direct contact with the soil and is not obstructed by any existing growth.

2. Application

Follow the specific instructions on the product label for accurate application rates and timing. Pre-emergent herbicides are typically applied in a granular form using a spreader or spraying the herbicide onto the soil surface. It's important to apply the herbicide evenly to avoid over-application in certain areas, which can lead to damage or poor results.

3. Watering

After applying a pre-emergent herbicide, it's important to water the lawn thoroughly. This will activate the herbicide and allow it to penetrate the soil surface, creating a protective barrier against weed seeds. Watering the lawn immediately after application and then again 24-48 hours later is recommended to ensure even coverage and maximum effectiveness.

4. Maintenance

To maintain the effectiveness of pre-emergent herbicides, it's important to avoid disturbing the soil surface after application. This means avoiding heavy foot traffic, tilling, or digging in the treated areas. Additionally, it's important to continue regular lawn maintenance practices, such as mowing and fertilising, to promote healthy growth and minimise the risk of weed growth.


Which Grass Weeds Can Pre Emergent Kill?

Pre-emergent weed killer can stop any type of weed, including summer grass, broadleaf and annual grass. Broadleaf weeds are probably the most common weed found in Melbourne backyards. Their netlike veins make them particularly difficult to remove from the ground. But a spot spraying pre-emergent weed killer will clear them up quickly. 


When Should I Use Apply Pre Emergent?

The ideal times to apply Oxafert or any pre-emergents are February and April or early spring, but you can use Oxafert year-round in place of a slow-release fertiliser. Pre-emergent herbicide is a great way to control those weeds that are especially difficult to eradicate, such as winter grass (Poa), crowsfoot grass and creeping oxalis. 

If either of these weeds are present on your lawn, we recommend using a weed control fertiliser every 8 weeks year-round. Ensure you get good, even coverage across your entire lawn to prevent weed growth.


Where Do I Purchase Oxafert?

Our best pre-emergent fertiliser, Oxafert, is available from any Lawn Solution Centre, or you can order online. For any information about pre-emergent for your lawn, contact our expert lawn care team today!