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Oxafert Pre-emergent Fertiliser


Launch a preventative strike on annual grasses and broad-leaf weeds with Lawn Solutions OxaFert Herbicide and Fertiliser. A pre-emergent herbicide for most warm season turf varieties, OxaFert controls weed seedlings during germination.
A 3kg bag of OxaFert treats up to 100m2.

OxaFert controls annual grass-type weeds including Winter Grass, Crowsfoot, Summer Grass, Creeping Oxalis and Crabgrass before they appear.

OxaFert will prevent the targeted weed seedlings before they take hold, preventing them from growing and spreading throughout your lawn for up to 12 weeks.

Fertiliser contains a balanced ratio of Nitrogen 16%, Phosphorus 2.0%, Potassium 6.0%, Sulphur 16%, Iron 1.5%, and Magnesium 0.2% to give your lawn a boost.

Lawn Solutions OxaFert won’t harm healthy turf or inhibit turf root growth or recovery from damage.

Fertilise your lawn and control weeds in one easy application.

Oxafert Pre-emergent Fertiliser

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