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By Candice Fisher

June 8 2024

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Banish Crabgrass from Your Lawn: Tips and Tricks

Crabgrass, the pesky intruder of lawns everywhere, doesn’t stand a chance against your determination! Learn how to eliminate crabgrass and reclaim your turf with these effective strategies.


How to Kill Crabgrass: A Step-by-Step Guide

Crabgrass can quickly take over your lawn if left unchecked, but fear not! With the right approach, you can send it packing in no time.

Steps to Eliminate Crabgrass:

  1. Manual Removal: Start by hand-pulling crabgrass plants, making sure to remove them along with their roots.
  2. Apply Herbicide: Use a selective herbicide specifically designed to target crabgrass while leaving your lawn unharmed. Follow the instructions carefully for best results.
  3. Improve Lawn Health: Maintain a thick, healthy lawn by mowing at the correct height, watering deeply but infrequently, and fertilising appropriately to prevent crabgrass from taking hold.

By following these steps, you can say goodbye to crabgrass and hello to a lush, weed-free lawn! For more weed control tips, visit Lilydale Instant Lawn.


Understanding Crabgrass: Myths vs. Facts

Crabgrass has a bad reputation, but how much do you really know about it? Let’s debunk some common myths and uncover the truth about this persistent weed.

Myth: Crabgrass Dies in Winter.

Fact: While crabgrass is an annual weed that typically dies off in winter, it can produce thousands of seeds that lie dormant and germinate the following spring.

Myth: Crabgrass Doesn't Have Runners.

Fact: Crabgrass does indeed produce runners, known as stolons, which allow it to spread rapidly across your lawn.

Myth: Weed and Feed Kills Crabgrass.

Fact: Most standard weed and feed products are not effective against crabgrass. Use a targeted crabgrass herbicide for best results.


Now that you’re armed with the facts, you can tackle crabgrass with confidence! For more pest and disease control tips, visit Lilydale Instant Lawn.


How to Control Crabgrass: Prevention is Key

The best way to deal with crabgrass is to prevent it from growing in the first place. Implementing proactive measures can help keep crabgrass at bay and maintain a healthy lawn year-round.

Prevention Tips:

  • Pre-Emergent Herbicides: Apply pre-emergent herbicides in early spring to prevent crabgrass seeds from germinating. We recommend Oxafert Pre Emergent
  • Healthy Lawn Maintenance: Maintain proper lawn care practices, including regular mowing, watering, and fertilising, to create an environment that's less hospitable to crabgrass. We recommend Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser
  • Overseed Bare Patches: Overseed thin or bare areas of your lawn to fill in gaps and prevent crabgrass from taking root.

With a little bit of effort and know-how, you can keep crabgrass under control and enjoy a beautiful, thriving lawn. For more advice on crabgrass control, visit Lilydale Instant Lawn.


Say goodbye to crabgrass and hello to the lawn of your dreams! With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, happier turf.