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Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

$40.00 - $70.00

Supercharge your lawn with this premium lawn food that’s ideal for all lawn varieties.
Both fast and slow-release granules packed with essential nutrients and trace elements encourage strong growth and rich colour.

A 10kg bucket covers from 400m² to 1000m².
A 4kg bucket covers up to 400m².

The slow-release granules will deliver a small amount of nutrients to your lawn each day for up to 12 weeks after the initial application to aid in sustained growth for best all-round results.
Contains 16% Nitrogen (N), 0.7% Phosphorus (P), 4% Potassium (K), 20% Sulphur (S), 1.5% Calcium (Ca) and 2% Iron (Fe).

Provides nutrients for turf growth and recovery.
Lawn Solutions Premium Lawn Fertiliser was developed specifically for use on Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo and works equally well on other lawn varieties.
From kikuyu to couch, home lawns to golf courses, this professional blend brings lawns to life.

Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser Label

For product and application information

Suitable for these lawn varieties

Find out more about Fertilising your lawn

Fertilising your lawn is an important step toward a lush beautiful healthy lawn. 
Find out more about how and when to fertilise your lawn in this video.

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