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lawn grub melbourne

By Candice Fisher

June 7 2024

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How to Identify and Treat Common Lawn Diseases for a Healthy Lawn


Keeping your lawn looking lush and green can be challenging when faced with lawn diseases. Learn about the most common lawn grass diseases, their signs, and how to treat them to maintain a beautiful yard.

Signs of Lawn Disease: What to Look For

Lawn diseases can manifest in various ways, often making lawn disease identification tricky. Being aware of the signs of lawn disease can help you address the issue before it spreads.

Common Signs of Lawn Disease:

  • Discolored Patches: Yellow, brown, or white patches on your lawn can indicate disease.
  • Thinning Grass: If your grass is thinning or dying in certain areas, it may be due to a fungal infection.
  • Mold or Mildew: Visible mold or mildew on the grass blades is a clear sign of fungal disease.
  • Leaf Spots: Dark spots or streaks on the grass blades can be a symptom of a fungal or bacterial infection.

Early detection is key to managing lawn diseases effectively. For more tips on lawn disease identification, visit Lilydale Instant Lawn.


Common Lawn Diseases and How to Treat Them

There are several common lawn diseases that every homeowner should be aware of. Understanding these diseases and how to treat them can help keep your lawn healthy and vibrant.

Common Lawn Grass Diseases:

Brown Patch: Caused by Rhizoctonia fungus, it appears as circular brown patches.

Treatment: Improve drainage, avoid overwatering, and apply a fungicide. We recommend Tomb Stone Fungicide

Dollar Spot: Small, silver-dollar-sized spots caused by Sclerotinia fungus.

Treatment: Apply nitrogen fertiliser and fungicides. We recommend the Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Red Thread: Caused by Laetisaria fuciformis, it appears as red or pink threads in the grass.

Treatment: Increase nitrogen levels and maintain proper watering. We recommend the Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser

Knowing how to treat lawn disease can save your lawn from extensive damage. For more detailed treatment methods, check out Lilydale Instant Lawn.


Dealing with Common Lawn Pests and Diseases

Lawn pests often go hand-in-hand with lawn diseases, making it essential to tackle both to maintain a healthy lawn.

Common Lawn Pests:

  • Grubs: These beetle larvae feed on grass roots, causing dead patches.
    Control: Use beneficial nematodes or insecticides. We recommend Grub Guard Ultimate
  • Chinch Bugs: These pests suck sap from grass blades, leading to yellow patches.
    Control: Keep the lawn well-watered and apply insecticides if needed. We recommend Grub Guard Ultimate
  • Armyworms: Caterpillars that can strip grass blades, leaving bare spots.
    Control: Introduce natural predators or use appropriate insecticides. We recommend Grub Guard Ultimate

Combining pest control with disease management ensures a robust and healthy lawn. For more advice on dealing with common lawn pests and diseases, visit Lilydale Instant Lawn.

By staying vigilant and taking proactive measures, you can keep your lawn free from diseases and pests, ensuring it remains a lush, green haven. Happy lawn care!