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Landscaper Pro Hand-Held Spreader


Landscaper Pro Hand-Held Spreader is perfect for applying Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser, and pest control products.

This is a professional product used by landscapers and greenkeepers. The Handy Green 2 is a lightweight, compact, hand-held rotary spreader.
Comfortable to hold and use for small to medium size lawns
Landscaper Pro Hand-Held Spreader will help ensure even coverage when applying fertiliser.
It has an ergonomically designed handle that reduces wrist fatigue. Its rust-proof hopper and agitator have an on/off trigger switch.

Suitable for these lawn varieties

Find out more about how to use a spreader to Fertilise your lawn

Perfect for small to medium-sized lawns, this handheld spreader is ideal for spreading fertiliser. 
Learn more about fertilising your lawn in this handy video. 

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