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SW Schimizz Install v4

By Stephanie Langford

September 28 2022

5 Minute(s) read

Are you planning on laying a Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, TifTuf, Sir Grange, or Eureka Premium VG lawn soon? It may seem like a big job, but it can be easy and straightforward if you know what to do. To achieve optimum results, you must be careful and attentive while installing your lawn. The more time and care you take in preparation and installation, the better the long-term result.

You certainly don't need to be a landscaping expert to have a beautiful lawn – just follow our simple step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Measure the area

Measure the area to determine how much lawn turf you will need. Our orders are taken in square metres.

For rectangle or square areas, measure the length and width of the area and multiply them together. For example, if length = 5 m and width = 5 m, the area is 5 m x 5 m = 25 m2.

For a circular area, measure the radius (half of the diameter), multiply the radius by itself, then multiply by 3.14. For example, if radius = 7 m, the area is 7 m x 7 m x 3.14 = 153.86 m2.

For an oval area, measure length and width, multiply them together, then multiply by 0.80. For example, if length = 10 m and width = 15 m, the area is 10 m x 15 m x 0.80 = 120 m2.

Step 2 – Prepare the area

Remove existing grass, weeds, rocks, and stones. Rake the area, then spread out topsoil to a depth of about 50–100 mm. We recommend a 3-in-1 soil mix, often referred to as turf mix, which you can find at your local garden supplier. If you’re not sure what topsoil to use, ask your local garden supplier what’s best for your area.

Once you have prepared the area, simply give us a call and order your lawn. We deliver 6 days a week to most Melbourne metro suburbs.

Step 3 – Lay the turf

Before you start laying your instant lawn pieces, you’ll need to fertilise the area. When you order from Lilydale Instant Lawn, complimentary starter fertiliser is included. Simply spread the fertiliser evenly across the entire area, starting in one corner and working your way back. Wet the area to create a moist surface for your instant turf.

Now you are ready to install your lawn! This is often the most satisfying part of the process, as you begin to see your yard transforming.

Start laying turf along a straight edge, such as the path or fence furthest from the pallet of instant lawn pieces. Lay the rows of instant lawn pieces in a brickwork pattern, tucking them in neatly against each other to avoid air pockets, which can have a drying effect. You can cut the instant lawn pieces to fit curved edges using a serrated pruning knife or an old steak knife.

If you're laying turf on a slope, lay the turf across the slope rather than down. If the slope is very steep, hold your turf in place with stakes until there is sufficient root growth. To hold it in place, this could take 3 – 6 weeks.

Step 4 – Water the turf

Now you have finished laying your turf, stand back, admire your work… then give the lawn a good water!

Generally, we recommend using an irrigation system or sprinklers when watering any lawn, as this encourages a more even spread of water across the area. Hand watering with a hose is time-consuming and doesn’t distribute water as evenly.

Keep watering until the water has soaked through to the soil beneath the lawn. For the next 4–6 weeks, water your lawn at least once a day. From there, depending on rainfall, you should decrease the watering frequency to once every couple of days. This will encourage deep rooting.

You may need to water your lawn more often during the warmer months. 

Step 5 – Fertilise

Fertilising regularly is key to keeping your lawn healthy. As a rule, you should choose a balanced fertiliser with approximately equal levels of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. During the growing stages, apply fertiliser every 4–6 weeks. We recommend the Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser, as it complements our lawn varieties perfectly.


When is the best time to lay instant turf in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, the best time to lay fresh turf is from September till March. This period provides favourable conditions for the establishment of new turf.

During spring (September to November), the weather is mild, and there is usually an increase in rainfall, which helps with the growth and establishment of the turf. The soil is also warmer, promoting root development and creating a lush green lawn.

In autumn (March to May) the weather is cooler, which reduces stress on the turf, and there is typically more rainfall. The soil remains warm enough for root growth, allowing the new lawn to establish itself well before the onset of winter.


Can you lay turf over existing grass?

It is not generally recommended to lay turf directly over existing grass. The reason is that the existing grass can prevent the new turf from establishing properly.

When you lay turf, it's important to have good soil-to-turf contact so that the roots of the new turf can penetrate and anchor into the soil. If you lay turf over existing grass, the roots of the new turf may struggle to penetrate through the existing grass layer, leading to poor establishment and potential issues with root growth.

For best results, it is recommended to prepare the area properly before laying turf. This typically involves removing grass and weeds, loosening the existing soil, and adding any necessary amendments like compost or topsoil to improve soil quality. By starting with a clean and well-prepared surface, you provide the new turf with the best conditions for successful establishment.


Turf installation in Melbourne

If you're looking for the best lawn for your front or back yard, Lilydale Instant Lawn has you covered. We offer services to help you through every stage of setting up your lawn area, from buying instant turf to installing and maintaining it. We’ll help you create a space that’s perfect for your existing vegetation and garden beds. 

For more information on establishing new lawn, contact our team at Lilydale Instant Lawn today.