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By Candice Fisher

January 10 2023

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Melbourne is known for its unique climate, with distinct seasons ranging from hot and dry to cool and wet. For homeowners and garden enthusiasts, choosing the right type of grass seed is crucial to achieving a lush, healthy lawn that can withstand Melbourne's weather conditions.

With so many grass seed varieties on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which one will thrive in your specific location. The team at Lilydale have explored the factors to consider when selecting the best grass seed for Melbourne's climate, including soil type, sun exposure, rainfall, and temperature. We'll also review some of the most popular grass seed options available and recommend the most suitable for Melbourne's weather patterns.


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Lawn Seed for Melbourne 

We’ll look at the following factors to consider when choosing the best grass seed for Melbourne lawns. 

  • Cool season grasses vs warm season grasses 
  • Shade tolerance 
  • Drought tolerance 
  • Soil types 


Choosing Seasoned Grass

Warm season grass

Warm-season grass seeds are an excellent choice for those living in Melbourne, as they can thrive in hot temperatures and withstand drought. These grasses include varieties such as Buffalo or Couch grass, which requires minimal water and maintenance. 

Warm-season grass varieties have a deep root system, allowing them to reach moisture deep within the soil and making them particularly well-suited to dry climates. Additionally, these grasses grow quickly during the summer months, providing a lush and green lawn throughout the hottest time of the year. 

Cool season grass 

Cool-season grasses can thrive in cooler temperatures and during the winter months. These grasses prefer cooler weather and can withstand frost. 

Cool-season grasses are known for their vibrant green colour and fine texture, providing an aesthetically pleasing lawn all year round. These grasses have a shallow root system, making them ideal for areas with clay soils, which are common in Melbourne. When selecting a cool-season grass, it's important to consider factors such as shade tolerance, drought resistance, and maintenance requirements to ensure the best possible outcome.

Shade tolerance 

Shade tolerance is an essential factor to consider when selecting grass seed for your lawn, particularly in Melbourne, where there are many trees and buildings that can cast shade on your garden. Shade-tolerant grasses can grow and remain healthy even in shady areas with less sunlight, making them ideal for lawns that receive partial shade throughout the day. Grasses that are not shade-tolerance can become thin and patchy, making them more susceptible to disease and pest damage.

Drought tolerance 

Australia is known for its dry climate, and many parts of Melbourne can experience drought conditions, particularly during the summer months. Drought-tolerant grasses can survive and maintain their health even with limited water, making them ideal for areas with low rainfall or water restrictions. Drought-tolerant grasses have deeper root systems, allowing them to access moisture deep within the soil, and can also go dormant during periods of drought to conserve water. By selecting grass types that are drought-tolerant, you can ensure a healthy and green lawn even during the driest times of the year.

Soil types 

Soil type can significantly affect the growth and health of your grass, with some varieties performing better in certain types of soil than others. For example, sandy soils drain quickly and are well-suited to drought-tolerant grasses, while clay soils retain moisture and are better for cool-season grasses. 

Understanding the type and quality of your soil can help you choose the best time to seed grass in Melbourne that will grow and remain healthy over time. By selecting a grass sow seed that is well-suited to your soil type, you can ensure a healthy and lush lawn that will withstand the unique conditions of Melbourne's climate.


Find the Best Grass Seed for Melbourne’s Climate at Lilydale

At Lilydale, we can help you establish your new lawn with our selection of high-quality grass seed options. Each option creates a beautifully presented new lawn.

Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu grass

Our Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu grass has: 

  • 25% shade tolerance
  • Very high wear tolerance
  • Medium drought tolerance 

TifTuf Bermuda

Our TifTuf Bermuda turf has: 

  • 50% shade tolerance
  • Medium maintenance requirements 
  • Very high drought tolerance

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

Our Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf has:

  • 75% shade tolerance
  • Very low maintenance
  • High drought tolerance

Sir Grange 

Our Sir Grange instant turf has:

  • Requires full sun 
  • Medium maintenance requirements  
  • Low drought tolerance 

If you need assistance from a professional, a Lilydale Instant Lawn specialist can help. We’ll help you find the best lawn seed for Melbourne’s climate and even assist with the laying of your premium instant turf. For more information on the best time to sow lawn seed in Melbourne or seasonal maintenance tips, talk to us today.