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Cutie on lawn square

By Candice Fisher

April 18 2023

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If you prefer keeping your lawn neat and pristine, you might need to be mindful if you have a dog. After all, dogs are notorious for their tendency to transform a nicely maintained lawn into a muddy little mess, and a flower bed into a pile of chew toys.

However, it’s essential that if you have a four-legged friend, your lawn remains safe for them to run around in. This means ensuring your maintenance techniques and applications are creating a healthy lawn that is dog-friendly and perfect for all furry friends. Read our blog on the best grass varieties for creating a dog-friendly lawn. 


The best type of lawn for dogs

The best type of lawn for dogs is one that strikes a balance between durability and comfort. The grass should be resilient and able to withstand the wear and tear caused by dogs running, playing, and digging. A sturdy grass variety is recommended, as they have excellent recovery capabilities and can handle heavy foot traffic. A soft and lush texture is beneficial for dogs' comfort, allowing them to enjoy lounging and rolling around on the lawn. 

Regular watering, adequate fertilisation, and occasional aeration will help maintain a healthy and inviting lawn for our furry friends.

TifTuf Bermuda Grass 


 TifTuf Bermuda grass is considered good for dogs due to its resilience and ability to handle high dog traffic. Dogs are active animals that love to run, play, and explore, often putting a lot of stress on the lawn. Bermuda grass has a vigorous growth habit and can quickly recover from damage caused by dog activities. It has a dense and durable nature, making it highly resistant to wear and tear. This grass variety also has a deep root system, which helps it withstand drought conditions and stay green during hot summer months. 


Creating a garden oasis for you and your dog 

So how do you keep your lawn in tip-top shape if you have a furry friend? The right care and maintenance are key to making your lawn resilient to any damage or other destructible elements. Use tough yet soft types of lawn grass, such as the Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo??, Eureka Premium Kikuyu VG or Tif Tuf, which all have self-repairing characteristics and are low maintenance, making them the best grass for dogs.

Other creative ways of keeping your lawn safe from pets include: 

Get creative with pet-friendly surfaces

Dogs, as you know, like to mark their territory, eat grass and walk around re-marking it from time to time. One way to manage this is to construct a clear path around the lawn, with a paw-friendly surface that will let your dog carry on its walks while keeping your lawn safe from any damage.

Choose plants that are safe for dogs 

You may also try your hand at mixing up the varieties of plants around your lawn. Just because you have a pet doesn’t mean your lawn should be plain. You can use plants that are harmless to dogs, such as herbs and even forget-me-nots. Remember to avoid plants with thorns to stop any potential injury to your dog’s eyes.

Create places in the garden dedicated to your dog 

Your dog will appreciate some shady areas of your lawn too, especially during the summer. You can build a small shelter, complete with chew toys, dog rocks, a water bowl and a food bowl, where they can huddle and rest. Of course, if you want to take it up a notch, constructing a simple gazebo where you can spend time with your dog is also a great idea.

Although planning the perfect lawn might sound like a lot of effort, the time you spend with your pet outdoors in the backyard is totally worth it. 

Have any further questions on how to best create a fantastic lawn environment for both you and your pet? Take a look at our turf varieties or reach out to our lawn experts anytime!