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Husqvarna Automower® 430X NERA


Advanced robotic lawn mower for complex lawns up to 3,200m²
A high-performance model for lawns up to 3200 m², Automower® 430 NERA offers a premium cutting experience, robust design and reliable operation. Its patented non-fixed front axis increases manoeuvrability and improves rough terrain performance on slopes up to 50% (27°).

Precision mowing is available through wire-free installation with the Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-in Kit and Automower® Connect access from your smartphone.

Optimised performance with automatic software updates with FOTA (Firmware Over The Air).

WHY choose a Husqvarna Automower®?

Better for your lawn

Ever wondered why after mowing, your once lush green lawn turns a shade of brown? This is often due to cutting too much of the grass blade off in one mow. With an Automower® your grass will receive regular mowing only removing a small amount of the grass blade each time so you can continue to enjoy your lush green grass all year round.

No need for a catcher

Your Automower® does not have a catcher as only small amounts are cut off the grass blade at a time. These act as a natural fertiliser for your lawn, it’s a Win Win!

Mowing frequency

Some grass varieties such as Lilydale Instant Lawn TifTuf, require up to twice a week mowing during peak growing times. If the grass meets your traffic, location, and aesthetics but the mowing maintenance is what’s holding you back, then a Husqvarna Automower® is your answer.

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Looking to get your Husqvarna Automower® installed for you?

We have an experienced team of specilised Husqvarna Automower® Installers who can install your Automower®

Opting for a professional installer for your Husqvarna Automower offers several advantages:

  1. Expertise: Our Installers possess the knowledge and experience to assess your lawn and configure the mower optimally.
  2. Efficiency: Professionals save you time and effort by swiftly and accurately handling the installation process.
  3. Customisation: Our Installers tailor the setup to your lawn's specific characteristics for optimal performance.
  4. Support: Professionals offer troubleshooting and ongoing support, addressing any issues that may arise.

In summary, a professional installer ensures a seamless and customized installation, maximizing the benefits of your Husqvarna Automower.

What's included in your professional Automower® installation:

  • Site plan, product recommendation and quote
  • Automower® and charging station installation
  • Boundary wire or EPOS installation
  • Programming and testing of Automower®
  • Customer instruction for device operation
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Suitable for these lawn varieties