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Husqvarna 8 Litre Handheld Sprayer


This versatile Husqvarna sprayer is ideally suited for smaller tasks or precise spot treatments. It boasts a robust compression pump featuring a steel rod and an ergonomically designed, large pump handle.

Equipped with authentic Viton® seals, it incorporates a high-quality commercial-grade shut-off mechanism with a comfortable grip, a convenient lock-on function, and an easily maintainable in-line filter. Moreover, its pressure release valve serves a dual purpose by enabling the safe release of pressure before opening the tank and preventing excessive pressurization. The sprayer's tear-drop-shaped tank is thoughtfully engineered for enhanced stability with its low center of gravity. Additionally, it offers vertical storage for the wand, complete with protective nozzle storage, ensuring secure attachment to the tank.

The sprayer comes complete with a 1.2-meter reinforced PVC hose, a 635mm stainless steel wand featuring a poly liner, and includes a brass adjustable nozzle, providing options for stream, cone, or mist spraying, along with two flat fan nozzles suitable for a variety of applications.

Suitable for these lawn varieties

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