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By Garry Lusk

February 24 2023

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If you’re a homeowner or landscaper in Melbourne looking to create a beautiful, lush lawn, knowing when to lay turf and how to do so is a must. Turf can instantly transform any outdoor space, creating an inviting and comfortable area for relaxation, play, and social gatherings. However, knowing the best time to lay turf in Melbourne can be challenging. 

To help you achieve the perfect lawn, the team at Lilydale have compiled the top 10 best turf laying tips specifically tailored for Melbourne’s climate and soil. From preparing the soil to selecting the right variety of turf, our expert tips will ensure your installation process is a success - giving you the healthy lawn you’ve always dreamed of.  


Laying Turf in Melbourne - Our Top Tips 

Find out when the best time to lay turf in Melbourne is 

While you may think laying turf can be easily done all year round, there are actually specific times of the year that better suit instant turf installation. We recommend that you plant your turf during Spring. This is because the season allows for a balance of warm weather without any extreme heat but still with a fair amount of rainfall expected. 

These are the perfect conditions to lay new turf. However, you may also choose early Autumn or some warmer months to complete your outdoor projects. This is completely fine and will provide the same great results if the turf and installation process is handled correctly.  

Think about the seasons - which one are you in?

With Melbourne’s unusual and unexpected weather patterns, sticking to a specific time for when to lay turf in Melbourne may not be ideal. Sometimes, you can’t wait for spring to roll around to transform the look of your garden. However, knowing how to install your instant turf depending on the season you’re in is integral to the lawn’s overall longevity

Laying turf in winter

Laying turf in Melbourne during winter can present some unique challenges. The cooler temperatures and increased rainfall can make it more difficult to establish a healthy and thriving lawn. It is important to choose a variety of turf suited to Melbourne's climate. Additionally, it is essential to keep the newly laid turf well-watered, as the cooler temperatures and increased rainfall can cause the soil to dry out less quickly than in warmer months - leading to winter dormancy. With careful preparation and attention, it is possible to successfully lay turf in Melbourne during the winter season.


Laying turf in summer 

Laying turf in Melbourne during summer can be a great option for those looking to establish a lush and vibrant lawn. Warmer temperatures and increased sunlight create ideal conditions for grass growth and establishment. It is important to choose a variety of turf that is suited to Melbourne's climate, such as Sir Walter DNA certified Buffalo grass.  It is also important to keep the newly laid turf well-watered, especially during the hot and dry periods. 

Have the right equipment for the job 

When you’ve decided on the best time of year to lay turf in Melbourne, the next step is to learn how to prepare and lay turf successfully. You’ll need the correct equipment before your can start your project.

Use the following as a checklist to help you get everything in order before transforming your Melbourne property: 

  • A hard rake 
  • A sharp blade or knife to trim the turf 
  • A wheelbarrow to move the instant turf 
  • Gloves 
  • Your top-quality turf supplied by Lilydale  


Prepare your soil to lay instant turf 

Preparing your soil is a crucial step in laying instant turf. It is essential to start with a clean and level surface. Use a deep root system to remove any weeds, rocks, or other debris from the area where the turf will be laid. Next, it is important to prepare a base of 100mm of well-worked soil. 

If your soil is suitable for instant turf, this process may be as simple as rotary hoeing the soil. Otherwise, if your existing soil could be of better quality, you will need to apply a blended soil mix evenly across the area. For the best results, rake the entire area to ensure a smooth, even surface before installing the turf.

Choose the right turf for your instant lawn 

Choosing the right instant turf for your lawn is an important decision that can impact your garden’s overall appearance and health. Factors to consider when selecting an instant turf include your climate, soil type, and the amount of sunlight your lawn receives. For example, if you live in a hot and dry climate, consider warm-season turf varieties like buffalo grass that are drought-tolerant. However, if your lawn is in a shaded area, a cool-season grass may be more suitable. 

At Lilydale, we can help you establish your new lawn with our selection of high-quality instant turf options. Each option creates a beautifully presented lawn.

Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu

Our Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu grass has: 

  • 25% shade tolerance 
  • Very high wear tolerance
  • Medium drought tolerance 

TifTuf Bermuda

Our TifTuf Bermuda turf has: 

  • High wear tolerance
  • 50% shade tolerance 
  • Very high drought tolerance

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

Our Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf has: 

  • 75% shade tolerance
  • Very low maintenance
  • High drought tolerance

Understand turf care and maintenance for your new lawn 

If you’re wondering what is involved in laying new turf in Melbourne, you’ll need to learn about maintenance. Maintaining your new instant turf is essential to ensure its long-term health and vibrancy. We recommend doing the following:

  • Water your new instant turf frequently for the first 2-3 weeks to help it establish its roots.
  • Gradually reduce the frequency of watering after the first few weeks, but ensure that the soil remains moist.
  • Regularly mow your lawn, ensuring that the mower blades are sharp to prevent damage to the turf.
  • Fertilise your lawn at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and autumn. 
  • Address any pest or disease issues promptly to prevent damage to your lawn.
  • Avoid walking or placing heavy objects on your new instant turf until it is fully established.
  • If your lawn receives heavy foot traffic, consider installing a path or stepping stones to protect your turf.
  • Keep an eye on the weather and adjust your watering and maintenance schedule accordingly.

If you need further assistance when it comes time to lay instant turf in your garden, the professionals at Lilydale Instant Lawn can help. Take a look at our turf varieties and choose the perfect finish for your lawn transformation.