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By Candice Fisher

January 9 2024

Less than a minute read

Reasons to buy an Automower® robotic lawn mower

Is it easy to own a Robotic Mower, will it be noisy, and what happens with clippings and allergies.

Owning and operating the Automower® is a breeze, offering you more leisure time as it autonomously maintains your lawn. Here are ways in which the Automower® simplifies your life:

Once you've installed and configured your Automower® robotic mower, it takes charge of keeping your lawn well-groomed without requiring any intervention on your part. Occasionally using a grass trimmer may be all that's needed to achieve the perfect lawn finish.

The initial setup is swiftly handled, and the mowing schedule can be easily established using either the user-friendly mower control panel or the Automower® Connect app.

With the Automower® Connect app, you can effortlessly control and monitor your robotic mower through your smartphone, utilizing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular connection, or cellular network. Automation of various mower activities is also possible through smart home services like IFTTT, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.*

Your Automower® robotic mower ensures a consistently trimmed lawn 24/7 by cutting a small amount at a time. The finely shredded clippings act as natural fertilizer, eliminating the need for manual handling.

No worries about refilling fuel or managing electrical cords—your robotic mower autonomously returns to the charging station and stays there until the battery is adequately charged for the next mowing session.

Maintenance requirements are minimal. Periodically cleaning grass from the wheels and chassis, and regular blade replacement, depending on your lawn size, are essential for maintaining an excellent cutting result.

Husqvarna's Automower® robotic lawn mower consistently proves its reliability in long-term tests, earning recognition for its design that handles various obstacles. While occasional assistance may be needed, the built-in intelligence adeptly manages most challenging situations, making it ideal for even the most demanding gardens.

Certainly not. You'll be amazed at how swiftly your Automower® robotic mower becomes a seamless part of your routine. Its unobtrusive presence as it navigates your lawn, performing its tasks swiftly, quietly, and efficiently, is hardly noticeable.

The noise emitted by the Automower® is remarkably low, hovering around 60 dB—equivalent to the sound level of a hushed conversation. This stands in stark contrast to the noise produced by conventional petrol lawn mowers or ride-on mowers, which typically generate between 95 and 100 dB(A).

You can confidently let your Automower® operate in the garden without causing any disturbance to you or your neighbors.

The grass clippings from Husqvarna Automower® are so fine and small they don't need to be collected. The grass clippings instead fall to the soil, mulch and serve as a natural fertiliser for your lawn, resulting in a lush, healthy green lawn.

On the flip side, if you contend with grass allergies or hay fever, Automower® can offer a practical remedy. As you aren't required to be present during the lawn-cutting process, you minimize direct contact with grass waste. Moreover, the maintained short length of the grass ensures that allergens do not become airborne.

Suitable Area for a Automower®

How large an area can a robotic mower mow?

Automower® can handle lawns up to 5000 m² +/- 20%, depending on model and complexity of the garden.

CEORA can cut up to 75,000m2

Certainly, indeed. Automower® operates within a boundary that you or your local dealer can easily establish. This reliable and efficient system can be tailored to suit nearly any garden layout.

Tough slopes need to be matched by a robotic mower optimized for slope performance. Husqvarna Automower® can handle up to 50% slope performance depending on model and if your lawn has really tough slopes you should look into our all-wheel drive model 435X AWD. Our all-wheel drive model can tackle slopes up to an impressive 70% (35˚), which is equal to a black ski slope.

To minimize the wear on the grass in tough slopes, it is important that the guide leads the mower diagonally up and down the slope. If a slope is very steep (50–70%), you also need to make sure that there are no obstacles, such as trees or stones, in the slope.

Remember to clean the wheels from grass regularly with a soft brush. If there is a lot of grass stuck on the wheels, the mower may not be able to get up and down the slope as intended.

There is also a robotic mower terrain kit available for most models (accessory), containing heavy rear wheels and wheel brushes for excellent traction on sloping lawns.

On the contrary, Automower® is small enough to follow the curvature of a rough lawn. It will not scalp the “hills” like many larger mowers. Due to the large driving wheels, Automower® can cope with uneven surfaces very well. It also handles slopes up to 70% (35°) incline. Only small deep holes may cause Automower® to get stuck.

Husqvarna Automower® mows in rain or shine and delivers a newly cut lawn every day.


Explore the essential realm of Automower® Safety FAQs, where we provide insights and answers to common questions regarding the secure operation and precautions associated with this cutting-edge robotic lawn mower.

Even though Automower® uses very low power, you can still cut your fingers or toes if they get in contact with the blade. A built-in safety feature means the blade will automatically stop if the mower is lifted or turned over. The distance between the outer body and the blade tip is also extra-long to avoid feet or hands from accidently reaching the blades. Even so, we recommend turning off Automower® when small children and pets are on the lawn.

No. Automower® has several theft protection systems that may be activated.

Most important: Automower® cannot be used without the personal PIN code. The installation lock prevents Automower® from functioning on any other installation than your own. The time lock requests your four-digit PIN to be entered at an interval decided by yourself. The alarm requires the PIN code to be entered when Automower® is stopped – or an audio alarm will go off. Also, Our X-line models are equipped with geofence tracking

Maintenance and Servicing

Delve into the world of Automower® Maintenance and Servicing FAQs as we address common questions and concerns about the upkeep of this innovative robotic lawn mower.

As a Pro-partner certified Husqvarna dealer we can service, or repair your Automower®.

Simply give us a call and book in or order what you need. 

Automower® requires servicing every 12 months to obid by your warranty.

Simply contact us to book in your service.

The life of the blades depends on the type of soil and grass. Typically, the life is 1-2 months on 1000 m². You can replace the lightweight robotic mower blades in five minutes using a regular screwdriver. Follow our step by step guide here.

Yes, if you don’t have to mow in the winter. Before storing Automower® it should be fully charged, cleaned and wiped dry and then stored in dry frost-free conditions.
We also recommend that the charging station is stored indoors over the winter. The loop wire installation should remain in the lawn.
Why not spend this time getting your 12 monthly Automower® service, the perfect time whilst it is not being used. 

Replacing blades regularly is vital to maintain an excellent cutting result.
Now and then, depending on your lawn size, you should spend a few minutes cleaning grass from the wheels and chassis. 
Book your Automower® in with us for its 12 monthly service.

How to use Automower®?

Learn how to install, stop and start, bury boundary wire on a wired system, and recover your Pin.

You can install an Automower® yourself, or if you'd prefer, utilise one of our experienced preferred installers.
For more information on how to install a Automower click on our quick installation guide, or contact us for a quote for installation. 

Once the system is installed you have to switch on the main switch, press the START button and close the keypad hatch. To stop it, simply press the large STOP button.

Although you can peg the boundary or guide wire into the ground on the lawn, it is best practice to bury the wire in the ground. Simply dig or cut a small slit in the ground where you want the wire and tuck it in using the pegs.

Fore more information on Automower® installation visit our quick installation reference guide.

Husqvarna Automower® automatically finds its way back to the charging station when it needs to recharge. When done charging, it starts to mow again.

Contact your dealer who will help you retrieve the mower PIN code, for some models this can be done via the Automower® Connect app.

Automower® Connect app

Embark on an insightful journey through the Automower® Connect app FAQs, where we unravel common queries and offer valuable information about the functionalities, features, and usage of this innovative application designed for seamless interaction with your robotic lawn mower.

No, the mower PIN code and other security settings cannot be changed from the Automower® Connect app. This must be done from the Automower® itself.

Select Forgot password at the login screen in the Automower® Connect app and enter the email address connected to your Automower® Connect app account. A password reset link will now be sent to your email account.

Yes. To change the email address or password used for logging in to Automower® Connect, select More > Account User ID in the Automower® Connect app and update your email address and password.

To change the password to your Automower® Connect app account, select Account on the mower menu and tap Password. Then enter your current password and the new password and confirm that you want to change your password.