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$10.98 per square metre

(for orders over 20m2)

(Note: $2.00 surcharge for orders 19m2 and under)

Super Starter Fertiliser

$1.50 per square metre

10 - 20mm


Grand Prix Couch is our premium couch for home lawns, it is a vibrant dark emerald green colour. It is a drought tolerant turf which produces minimal seed heads this is a very important characteristic as most couches produce a lot of seeds which need to be mown off. Although couch is a great variety of turf for the warmer climates couch does lose more colour over winter than other varieties.


Our Super Starter Pack ($1.50 per square metre with a minimum order of $52.50) contains a combination of Good bacteria, NPK Fertiliser, Sir Launcher and Liquid Lawn Rescue (a blend of kelp and trace elements). We highly recommend purchasing this pack which acts as a complete support cycle for your new lawn and has been designed to maximise root growth establishment. This unique blend is only available directly from Lilydale Instant Lawn.


It is possible to lay Grand Prix Couch throughout the entire year, however if you are considering laying Grand Prix Couch  during the Winter months (whilst it is dormant) it should only be installed in areas with minimal traffic and full natural light conditions (the area must not be shaded).


Download the Grand Prix Couch Laying Guide (PDF)


Please note: Grand Prix Couch is not part of the Lawn Solutions Australia house of brands and therefore purchase of this turf variety does not include Lawn Solutions Australia accreditation and the 10 year product warranty.

Grand Prix Couch is a warm season grass. During winter Grand Prix Couch will not grow and may discolour this will depend on your specific site.

Grand Prix Couch has a prostate growth pattern which requires less mowing and has superior strength.
Once your lawn has been installed for 1 - 2 years it can become thick and spongy and will need dethatching. This can be done using a dethatching machine (which can be hired), or simply put your mower on a lower setting. For best results this should be done in Spring. Once you have dethatched give it a good fertilise and water.

Once your Grand Prix Couch lawn is established it requires less water than some other varieties. We recommend to water the turf deeply and for longer periods rather than giving it frequent light sprinkles.

We recommend to fertilise your Grand Prix Couch in September, December, March & again in April as a minimum.  Note: Fertiliser requirements vary depending upon the nutrient levels of your soil. For a premium result use Sir Walter Fertiliser every 8 weeks (except winter).


To prepare the area for your Grand Prix Couch lawn you need to have a smooth base free of any grass matter or debris. It is important to have a well worked friable base on which to install your turf. This can be achieved by rotary hoeing if the existing soil is suitable or by the addition of topsoil if there is little or no useable soil. A depth of 100mm or more of suitable topsoil is required. Rake the entire area to ensure there is a smooth even surface, allowing about 20mm below paths and driveways for the thickness of the turf.

Apply the supplied started fertiliser and start laying the turf along a straight edge, such as a driveway or footpath, furthest from the stack of turf. Therefore it won't be necessary to walk over any freshly laid lawn. The QWELTS should be laid in a brickwork pattern, ensuring all edges are butted and pushed together but not overlapping. The turf can be trimmed with a sharp knife to conform with paths and garden edges, etc.


For the best result it is recommended (however this is not absolutely necessary for couch) that once you lay your Grand Prix Couch that you top dress it with white washed sand at approximately one quarter of a cubic metre per 100 square metres, concerntrating on the joins to help stop the edges from drying out. You may also roll your turf after top dressing to achieve maximum soil contact.

It is essential that watering of your Grand Prix Couch lawn commence immediately upon installation. A thorough soaking of the turf is required. For larger installations, watering should commence as sections are completed. It is vital that the turf is kept moist until root growth is established. This can be checked by lifting a small corner of a QWELT, to ensure that water has thoroughly soaked the turf and sub soil. Once root growth has commenced, watering can begin to be spaced.

We recommend to fertilise your Grand Prix Couch in September, December, March & again in April. Note: Fertiliser requirements vary depending upon the nutrient levels of your soil. For a premium result use Sir Walter Fertiliser every 8 weeks (except winter).

Lilydale Instant Lawn offer a 10kg bucket of Sir Walter Fertiliser that will fertilise approximately 500 square metres of turf. You are welcome to purchase the Sir Walter Fertiliser from our Yarra Glen farm or from our online store to have it delivered directly to your door (additional charges will apply).

The first mow of your Grand Prix Couch lawn can be undertaken as required. We recommend you take one third of the leaf blade off with every mow. During the warmer times mowing may be necessary every week, however this will vary depending on how much you water, fertilise, and the weather conditions. Grand Prix Couch can be mown between 18 - 25mm in the warmer months, but the lower you mow your lawn the more often you will need to mow as you need consistency when mowing low. During cooler months Grand Prix Couch requires little or no mowing, we recommend to raise the mowing height to 25 - 30mm.

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